The Marketing tools of SEO

How Search Engine performs or how Search Engine Optimization takes place is a very complicated process. It follows a definite set of rules and a procedure. However, in simple language, it can be said that, search engine is a software application, which gives the answers of any queries asked by a visitor. When a visitor or searcher typed any question or phrase or word in the search box, search engine searches all the relevant answers from the millions of web pages, which are stored in the internet and display all the answers in the SERP. Its result may be in word form or may be in the image form. And among those results some pages get optimized or ranked high through SEO process.

SEO process:

There was a time when web pages with irrelevant contents also were in the top position of SERP. But now SEO process has been changed and thus it becomes very tough for the websites to be in the top position of SERP without having relevant, authentic, new and reliable contents in the websites. There must be some specific features in the contents of those websites to be ranked high in SERP.

Importance of SEO:

Now a day, SEO is very important. It helps millions of people by answering their queries with reliable and new information. SEO has now even become one of the important tools of online marketing. With the help of SEO, one can increase the viewer and visitor of his website. People often visit those websites which come in the first page of SERP. So, to be in the top position of SERP, one needs the help of SEO. By using proper content with perfect Keyword, SEO can increase the viewer of any website. Thus now a day Companies hire SEO writer to update their profile information.

SEO as marketing tool:

Now a day many companies hire SEO companies to write on their website in order to increase their position in the online business competition. Since the whole world is now almost a digital world, so there is very less number of people who don’t do online research before going to handle a project. And while doing online research, people often seem to go through the pages or websites which comes in the first page of SERP. So, millions of websites try to attract more visitor by adding something New or Authentic or something different which other don’t give so that they can come to the sight of maximum of viewers. So, by using proper strategy of SEO, growth in online marketing is possible.

Major Advantages Of Using WordPress For Any Website Development

Nowadays, it is quite difficult for any business organization to be really successful, without any online presence. Hence, every commercial establishment should own a website, where all the details about the functions and the features of the owner company should be provided. Therefore, it is very essential to develop the web content, with the help of WordPress, widely used software for getting a simple, yet informative website. There are many benefits of using this special software, though only the most notable ones are discussed as follows.


Notable benefits obtained on using the WordPress for web development


  • WordPress is free software and thus, it can be downloaded without any charge. Even the expert consultants demand very negligible fees for installing this software to the website of the client. Hence, any small or startup business person can also avail it easily.
  • As there are lots of themes available for WordPress, a website owner is free to choose any theme that suits the nature of his website best, so that he can have a fully customized site.
  • Due to the availability of a huge number of plugins, the website owners can select any one or multiple plugins for increasing the capability of WordPress installed in his website. Several important features, like sharing in Social media sites, increase in SEO ranking and photo slideshows are added to the website, by the successful application of these plugins.
  • The WordPress websites are very easy to update regularly, as the website owner can add new Word documents to this site at any time, for inputting new information to the site, in the form of informative articles. New articles can enhance the interest of the visitors and draw them to the websites, resulting in increased popularity of the website and more business for the organization.
  • It is very easy for a WordPress website to achieve high ranking in the popular search engines, mainly in Google that is the most widely used search engine in the digital world. It is due to the favoritism of Google for this kind of websites, which can be updated easily and frequently. Thus, Google has openly recommended the use of this software for all the commercial websites, for gaining better ranks and as a result, more profits for the business.
  • Due to this increased popularity of WordPress, many software professionals are now gaining expertise in handling this software. Thus, the website owners can find plenty of website developers, who hold adequate knowledge about this software.

What is WordPress?

If you are a writer or blogger (or you read web-design related articles), then you must have come across the word “WordPress,” at one time or the other. If you are like me, then you must be curious as regards what it’s all about. Well, WordPress is simply an online tool for website creation in PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and it’s basically one of the most effective content managing systems for blogs and websites. In non-geek terms, it is a tool for creating and managing websites.

WordPress has the capability to create all sorts of websites, be it blogs, business websites or even fully functioning online stores. At this point you may begin to think; “this sounds like the stuff of coding gurus and I have no experience with design or coding.” Well, the good news is; you actually DON’T need any experience with web design or coding, to use WordPress (although it’s an added advantage if you do). With the help of thousands of already existing site designs (also known as themes), on WordPress, you can easily select one that suits your desire and taste, and kick-start your website with a professional and elegant look.

How Do I Get WordPress?

The coolest feature showcased by WordPress is the fact that it is completely free! That’s right, you don’t have to pay a dime to run the software and this is not a bait to some hidden software charges that you will eventually have to pay on the long-run (unlike some other “free” website software). WordPress is also completely free to modify and to use, so if you’re the type that loves to play around with codes, you can modify the software and make it do basically anything you want.

design template

As opposed to some other desktop software, there is no need to install the software on your computer system, because it runs in the cloud (online), so you can perform updates on your website from basically anywhere and with any device (even your smartphone), so long as you have access to the internet. vs

When it comes to web hosting (the platform that accommodates your website), you have two options with WordPress. If you want WordPress to host your website, then you can go to where you can create your website for free (but you’ll pay a small fee if you want your own domain name). However, if your website is self-hosted, but you still want to employ the services of the WordPress tool, then your destination is

Some Top Benefits of Tech Blogs

Are you looking for the latest in technology news and chats? If so then you should consider tech blogs. What makes this news channel a better option over others? Here are some of the top benefits that you should consider:

Online revenue

If you’re looking for a way to generate money online, then you should consider a tech blog. Besides entertainment and world news, tech news is one of the hottest niches on the web. If you have a popular site with solid content, then there are tons of opportunities to generate revenue through marketing and other channels.

Product Reviews

Can’t you find them anywhere on the net? There are tons of sources for reviews on tech gadgets. The only problem is that many of those sites aren’t reviewing products but pushing them because they’re sponsored ads.

On the other hand, you’ll be more likely to get unbiased product reviews of the newest smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, fitness trackers, mobile apps, etc.

This is always a plus if you’re considering the featured device. Sure, tech sites have to pay their bills to keep the lights on. That said, it’s unfair to their visitors if the so-called reviews are online ads for a new smartphone, PC/Mac, or mobile game. In many cases, a tech blog will provide you with the features, benefits, and drawbacks of a new device so you can make a wise decision.

An X-factor is that no review is 100% objective since the reviewer will have his/her perspective. However, if certain “reviews” include no disadvantages of a new e-car or desktop/laptop, for example, then there’s a good chance that itsshameless plug for a particular product.

Social networking

If you have a tech blog, this is a critical component of your site. You can use networking with sites including Facebook and Twitter to advertise the social platforms’ indexes. It’s a plus for both parties. It helps to generate visitors for the social networks while providing your site’s visitors with quality content about the tech world.

If your blog doesn’t have a social presence, then it’s time to change that. There are tons of benefits including blog monetizing, get the word out to your site, and so on.

Latest updates

One of the top benefits of tech blogs is that you can get the latest updates about tech. It could involve the merger of two tech giants, or a new iOS or Android handset. If you don’t get the latest updates, you can be in the dark about the newest tech. In fact, one new product or concept can be a game-changer in the tech world. Luckily sources like tech blogs can keep you up-to-date about tech topics.

Online advertising

A tech blog is an excellent way that the blogger can earn revenue through various advertising channels. They include the web, social, mobile, etc. Many bloggers aren’t too keen on advertising because they don’t want their sites to become an e-commerce site.

There are ways to avoid this problem. The key to effective online advertising is to make sure that your website’s visitors see the ads they want to. If they’re viewing ads that are non-intrusive and products that they’re likely interested in, then blog ads can certainly be an effective component of any blog.

Pet project

You can run a tech blog without quitting your day job, or it could become your main source of income. A big benefit of a blog is that you could work on it during your free time. The key is to add content and updates to keep it relevant.