Significant Information About The Popular Software WordPress

WordPress was initially launched as the simplest software that can be used for making the style of writing in Word document better. When it was started in 2003, it had only one code and slowly it gained huge popularity among the web users, for its easiness. Now it is considered as the most widely used software in the world, preferred by millions of website owners.

Parent website of WordPress – is the website, from where this software script can be downloaded and since it is an Open Source project, it can be accessed simultaneously by numerous people from all over the world, at a single time. If any web user finds it hard to download and install this software, he can enter and use all the features of WordPress to write blogs and web contents very fast. But these blogs cannot be customized as per the wishes of the user, as this site does not provide the flexibility of the original software.

Uses of WordPress – Initially, WordPress was used only for blogging purposes, in the personal websites of the bloggers. But gradually, it was improved as a Content Management System, with numerous plugins and applications; so that now it can be used in all kinds of personal and commercial websites. Moreover, the availability of thousands of themes in its parent website has enabled this software to customize the websites, according to the wish of the owner and the nature of the website. Therefore, all kinds of website across the world can now use it for easy and suitable development. Now there are even separate WordPress available for installing in the iOS and in Android phones, so that the bloggers can write from their mobile devices as well.

Provides numerous options to the professionals – Apart from the web developers, WordPress also provides great opportunities for the web designers, who can expect to find huge varieties of designs for using in their clients’ websites. The developers can use Java, Swift skills or Objective-C, while developing this software, for installing in the mobile devices. The new developers can expect to get assistance from the Support Forum of the, where they are given answers to several issues faced by them, while using this software on various interfaces. Though the instructions of installing WordPress is provided only in English, any person from other parts of the world can translate this software into their own mother tongue and use it accordingly. Therefore, it is user friendly for all the users around the world.